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Tree and Shrub Planting

I plant a small tree  or shrub in the yard to grow out. My favorite trees listed below. I only plant trees smaller than 10ft and 1 inch thick. Do not expect mature specimens, all plants start out small and raplidly grow. A sapling oak is 5ft at 3 years old. 

Why plant a tree? Trees are at the base of the ecosystem providing food and nesting for birds and insects as well as providing shade, a wind break etc. 

Why plant a shrub? Not as large as a tree but just as beneficial to wildlife, providing all that trees can provide while not taking up as much space. They also tend to have showier flowers. 

Costs? 100$ per tree or shrub plus price of the tree. I can plant a sapling tree in about an hour.  If interested call, text or email me with the type of tree you want, well schedule a date and you'll show me where you want it! 

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