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Fully Insured, Garden and Landscape Company based in Groton Connecticut 

Transforming yards into budget friendly colorful landscapes that provide aesthetic appeal as well as wildlife value. 

Wilder Gardens is a fully insured environmentally friendly landscape and garden company with a focus on native plants, biodiverse gardens and providing habitat for pollinators and birds!  We are based in Groton Ct and service South Eastern New England from the Connecticut River to the Narragansett bay! 

You will find that our methods of landscape management are cost effective, beautiful and time saving. 

We strive to provide exemplary customer service and look forward to building a long-term client to service provider relationship. 

Text me, Call me or Email me and we can get started I look forward to guiding your landscape to all season color and beauty!

WilderGardens is fully Insured! 

Wilder Gardens 

Behind the Business


Hi! My name is Jim Natale and this will be the 1st year of my Gardening and Landscape business. Over my 6 years of landscaping, I've worked for award winning companies in Watch Hill, Fishers Island as well as serviced local restaurants, businesses and residences. Alot of the places that I've worked for didn't value the wildlife that depends on our landscapes to survive. From mass planting of invasive plants to pointless indiscriminate use of pesticides on things that didn't really need it in the first place. My goal in starting this business was to expose homeowners to an affordable alternative landscaping practice that values biodiversity and ecologically sound practices. My services will provide season long color in the landscape and wildlife viewing opportunities as we bring back the habitat that they depend on. 


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46 Slocomb Terrace Groton Ct 06340 Please send mail, dont visit thanks!


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