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How we design your Landscapes and Gardens

(Hint not really like this)

My designs are free form. Like a painter with a blank canvas and a diverse pallete of paints. 

Now Ill still do somewhat of a design but it is mostly on site, designs like the one above, rarely account for soil conditions, location, microclimate, soil depth, hidden roots and rocks. Not to mention the added cost of paying someone to design it for you which can cost you hundreds of dollars. 


Our designs follow a few key rules.

That being:

Height of the plants

Bloom time


If the plants like sun or shade

If the plants like it drier or wetter


Clients personal touch

If there's a window, I will not block a window with a plant, unless explicitly specified to do so. 

We always leave room between the building and where plants start. One of my biggest pet peeves in landscaping is a designer's propensity to plant shrubs that get over 10 feet tall and wide 2 feet from a building. 

Odd numbers rule for the amounts of plants and I always plant in trios. For example: If I am planting a smaller garden, it usually takes between 21-33 plants for a 1500 square foot bed, Ill choose an odd number of plants and at least 10 different species, more can always be added down the line. \

A recent install I did took 25 plants, sorted them by bloom time and height. Here is what a list on your quote would look like:

All season appeal:

5 Little Bluestem Grasses 3-4ft


3 Sundial lupins 2ft

1 Golden alexander  3ft

1 Wild Blue indigo 5ft


3 Butterfly Milkweeds 2-3ft

3 Echinacea 3ft

3 Black Eyed Susans 3-4ft

1 Swamp milkweed 3-4ft

Late summer and fall:

3 Grey Goldenrods 3ft

1 Joe-pye weed 3-5ft

1 New york ironweed 4-6ft

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